Borrowing Previliges Rules

Sr. # Name of Category No. of Books Time Period (Days)
1Regular Faculty1070 (DAYS)
2Regular Administrative Staff0528 (DAYS)
3Contractual Faculty1028 (DAYS)
4Regular BS/MA/MSc Student0214 (DAYS)
5Regular MPhil/MS Scholar0528 (DAYS)
6Regular PHD Scholar0528 (DAYS)

There are two categories of books in the library: General books and Reference books. Following policies pertain to these categories:

  1. General books are regular items which can be borrowed by any library user (patron) for a time frame mentioned in the table above.
  2. Reference material like Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Journals, Periodicals, Newspapers, Audio-Visual material or any costly library material defined by the Incharge Department of Library shall not be issued; however, may be used within the library premises.
  3. The borrower will collect return slip and keep it safe while returning book. In case of any ambiguity, the return slip is the only proof.
  4. Books will only be issued to the person appearing at the circulation desk and it cannot will not be borrowed by anyone on someone else’s name or card.
  5. Books can only be renewed for a further 2 times, if another user has not reserved them.
  6. Overdue books will not be re-issued until the fine is paid.
  7. Two copies of same title will not be issued.